Hi guys. If you want to earn EASY and FREE money. Yes. Really, and NO it is seriously NOT a scam, then read this:
Literally ALL you have to do is download apps (they’re all free Apps in a list provided by an app called Feature Points, each App shows how many points you receive from downloading it), and play around with the app for 30 - 60 seconds, and then you can delete the app.
These “points” are redeemable towards a TON of different prizes such as Amazon and Paypal gift cards (I choose PayPal, screenshot provided).
To sign up just open Safari or whatever browser you use for Android or iPhone, and click this link (if you’re on mobile)-> <- OR use Referral code “9668XX” and sign up to receive your first free 50 points!
It’s literally free money for hardly any work at all! It’s super quick and easy, literally free money just by playing around on the App Store / Droid Market.
Happy earning & inbox me if you have any questions at all!!! (;

Do it! You won’t regret it!

It’s NOT a scam. It’s reaaaal!

Anonymous said: Does that app really work??

Yes, it really does work! I promise!


Anonymous said: Hi. Just stopping by to say your blog is the epitome of perfection. Have a nice day.

Omg thank you! I’m sorry I haven’t been on lately. :/